Leverage Your Profitability

Understanding that businesses are facing many challenges: shortage of qualified helpers, rising costs, changing technology… We see MMTT as your finance partner, to work alongside you, to tackle those challenges, to sustain and grow your business.

Who we are


To be known as the best accounting partner for businesses seeking growth, sustainability and profitability.


Define the path to profitability for modern businesses.


We want to help lean businesses to have access to a CFO and quality reliable accounting services with a reasonable cost plan


Core values

Integrity | Compassion | Responsibility | Discipline Communication


Premier customer Service with Joy and Dedication

Operation model

By clearly defining operational processes, identifiy focus areas, manage cashflow, quick response, we will bring excellence to help your business thrive

Strategic Partners

Our Services

Briefly description of MMTT services, with the possibility of sending user to the service or services page

Start-up Operational and Financial Consulting

We are your committed partner with an execution plan to set the tone for your business.

Fractional CFO

We are your dedicated partner overseeing your operation and financials, to shape a strategic plan for management and business growth.

Accounting transaction advisory

We are your responsible partner maintaining the daily records to ensure the integrity of the financial information and the compliance needs.

Looking for operational and financial consulting or accounting transaction advisory?

Our team is always ready to help. Get in touch now.